Holiday Memories and Kmart's Fab 15

The holidays are coming and that means time to get those lists made, and check them twice, then find where those items are at and can be found on sale! I can remember when I was a kid, the various toys that were on the market that were a must have, and it was not until I had my own kids, that I realized what my parents went through to get those hot, must have toys that I just had to have. One toy, that many can remember, that was all I wanted for Christmas one year, which happened to be the year that every other kid wanted one as well, was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

I was a child of the 1980’s, and like so many kids out there, when I went to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas, I told him that all I wanted was a Cabbage Patch Kid. So like parents everywhere, my parents searched the stores, called around, and had friends and family searching as well, until they were able to locate a Cabbage Patch Kid to put under the tree for me. Now this was before the internet where you have the sites that you can look for these toys at, and when it came down to which stores would have them, you had to know somebody who knew somebody who worked there to get the info on when they would get stock in the toys, which is what made the shopping experience what it was back then.

As a parent of todays’ day and age, I am thankful for the internet. I can not only look up the toys that the kids have on their lists, but I can comparison shop and even check for in store stock on some sites, so I can be sure to get those toys for the kids. One place that I shop at when it comes to the holiday shopping and that has the list of toys that the kids want, is Kmart! When I head on over to check out the ads for Kmart’s holiday sales and shopping, I can access those hot must have toys just by searching the Kmart’s Fab 15!

On the Kmart’s Fab 15, I can find this years Holiday Barbie, which is not only a toy my daughter wants, but is one that we will add to the collection we have that dates back to the 80’s when my own mom started our Holiday Barbie Collection! I like that with the Kmart’s Fab 15, I can not only get a collectible Holiday Barbie, but I can get the Kmart exclusive, Holiday Auburn 2014 Doll by Mattel, which will make a great addition to our collection!

Then when it comes to shopping for my eldest son, I can get another toy off of the Kmart’s Fab 15 list, which is not only a must have toy, but also a Kmart Exclusive, when I get him the Transformers Age of Extinction Optimus Prime!

I like that I can find these hot toys and exclusives by shopping at Kmart, and when I shop online from the Kmart’s Fab 15 list now through Nov 22nd, I can take advantage of a free trial of the Shop You Way Max program and get free 2 day shipping for 6 months, which is available to Shop You Way Members!

I can find the items on the Fab 15 list by shopping both online or in store, and when I shop the toys on the list, starting Dec 7th, $1 will be donated to St. Jude, up to $25,000! This will not only be available for those who shop the Fab 15 Toy List, but to any customer during checkout who wishes to donate now through Dec 27th!! With the donations, I like knowing that 100% of donations made will go to St. Jude, and that Kmart is the leading corporate fundraiser when it comes to the donations to St. Jude, which goes to the St. Jude Thanks & Giving campaign. This campaign helps with the understanding, treating and defeating cancer and other childhood diseases. Making Kmart a great place to shop at, and the Kmart’s Fab 15 a tool to help make this years holiday shopping season easier for parents!

     I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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