Keeping Little Ones Warm this Season with Baby Deedee

The colder weather is upon us and with little ones, we need to ensure that they stay warm. Some might think that adding extra blankets might do the trick, but with the issues you can have with babies kicking off the blankets along with the increased risk of SIDS when blankets are used, having wearable blankets is the way to go. Well to help with keeping little ones warm in my house, we were sent the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest to review.

This wearable blanket is very ideal for using on the cooler winter nights, and can be used in place of loose blankets. It is very easy to put on and take off with the shoulder snaps, even when baby is sleeping. I also like that the material is quilted and breathable, and the cocoon like shape helps to provide comfort as well.

The outside shell is also very soft, and is made from 100% cotton, giving the material maximum breathability. Then when it comes to the warmth that this wearable sleepsack provides, I like that it can be put on over babies clothing, and can keep baby warm in a room where the temperature is 67-74 degrees F!

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is also machine washable, and with the various sizes that we can choose from which can be worn on baby from birth on up to 36 months, I find the Baby Deedee Sleep Nest to be a must have item for both keeping baby warm this season, but also a great gift to give as you do your holiday shopping this year!

Product received, thank you to Baby Deedee for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2015 / 6:54 am

    luv baby deedee products! DS grown in a sleep nest and loved it. I believe he slept much better in this sleep sack and stayed cozy.

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