Keeping Your Home Secured this Holiday Season with Piper

As we prepare for the holidays, we find there are many things that need to be put in place, like shopping online and in the stores for those gifts we will be putting under the tree for our family and friends, and making plans for the holiday travel and family get togethers. For my house, when we head out for those holiday parties and get togethers, I like to leave knowing that my home is safe when I am not there. I like being able to have that sense of security and also being able to keep an eye on things at home when we are away. This is something that like myself, many search for when it comes to those home security products, but it was not until recently, that my search for that home security system had come to an end when I was sent the Piper system to review.

We all hear about those not so pleasant things that happen over the holidays, with the home break ins that seem to happen more over the holiday season. So with the Piper system, I can not only find a solution when it comes to being able to keep an eye on my house when I am not there, but also feel safer knowing that if something were to happen, I can be alerted right away. The Piper is very easy to set up, and with Piper there are no contracts or fees like you can find with other home security systems.

Once the Piper system is set up, I can fully customize the system, by choosing from the 3 different security modes which include home, away and vacation. With the motion and sound detection, there is not only a built in motion detector, but there is also a high quality sound microphone which helps to ensure sound detection as well. Then if there is a intruder, there is a very loud and powerful siren that puts off a 105 dB siren when the security mode is breached!

I can keep an eye on my home from my phone while we are away, by getting alerts, that are not only for when the security is breached, but also to inform me of the temperatures and allow me to pan the room as well. Another great feature is that I can add others to my trusted circle, so when we are out of town, we can have friends get alerts and monitor via video as well helping to keep our home safe.

When it comes to the security, I can set up door and window perimeters, so if one is breached, I can be notified right away. And with the lighting and appliance control, I can remotely control the lighting by using the dimmer, as well as other appliances and keep track of the environmental aspects of my home! Making the Piper not only a great must have item for your home this holiday season, but also a great gift to give to family and friends!

Product received, thank you to Piper and the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Courtney B
    November 21, 2014 / 1:47 am

    oh la la this is so important especially around the holidays. If your like me you have things you cherish and would be crushed if they were stolen from you!!! thanks for the review.

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