Protecting Your Smart Phones this Holiday Season with OtterBox

This is the time of year where we head out for those shopping trips, we spend time with friends and family, and where for me, I spend a lot more time in the kitchen. With that said, as I head out to do the holiday shopping in the crowds, visit with loved ones, and bake in the kitchen, I, like many others, always have my smartphone on hand. From pulling up those digital coupons, sale apps, taking pics of family and friends to share over the holidays, to following those recipes, I rely on my smartphone. That is why I find it to be very important to keep my smartphone protected and covered, so say if I have my phone in my purse where the screen can get scratched, I drop it while visiting with family, or something happens while I am in the kitchen, I can keep it protected so I can use it another day.

To help with keeping my iPhone protected, I was sent a Defender Series Case for the iPhone 5C, from OtterBox, to review for this years holiday guide. I find the cases, like the ones from OtterBox, to be a necessity when it comes to protecting my smartphones.

With the Defender Series from OtterBox, I get 3 layers of protection, which help to protect against bumps, drops and shocks. With the built in screen protector, I can protect the screen from getting scratched, like when it is in my purse, or my two year old gets a hold of it. Then with the built in port protector, I can keep out dust and debris. There is also a holster that comes with the Defender Series, so when I wear a belt or need to utilize the holster, I can. In all making he Defender Series from OtterBox, a must have item to protect your phone this holiday season or at any time!

So this year, as you prepare to head out to do some holiday shopping, visit with family and friends, or get ready for the holiday baking, protect your phone with OtterBox, and also give the gift of protection to others by giving a OtterBox as well!

Product received, thank you to OtterBox for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Andrea Slagle
    November 12, 2014 / 5:18 pm

    I don't use my phone without having an Otterbox on it! I am too afraid that I will drop it and break it. I haven't had any problems since using an Otterbox!

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