Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Facelift (Guest Post)

At one time, you might have had a vision of how you wanted to decorate your bedroom, but once you have kids, decorating your room falls way down on your to-do list. There are always things more important that you need to spend money on, and you certainly don’t have time for a large remodeling project. Still, you deserve to have a bedroom that you love; one that is comforting and relaxing, so you can fall asleep faster and not waste precious sleep minutes running through your list of chores for the next day in your mind. Well, you can create a bedroom you love with just a few small tweaks.

  • Paint an Accent Wall – Don’t cringe! It’s only one wall. You can easily do this during naptime. Just have it taped and ready, and as soon as you have time dig out the paintbrush. Choose an eco-friendly variety with minimal fumes. One bold-colored wall will completely transform the look of your room.

  • Ethanol Fireplace – There is nothing better than a cozy fire while you watch old movies or lie in bed and read. On a snowy Sunday everyone can pile in the bed with you for a movie marathon and you will have a nice fire to enjoy. Ethanol Fireplace Pros has bio Fuel fireplaces in wall, tabletop, and freestanding varieties, and in a variety of styles. So, regardless what your current color palette or décor look like, you should be able to find one that will fit in nicely. If you have young children, you might want to stick with wall and tabletop ones.

  • New Bedding – Has your comforter been washed so many times that you barely remember what color it is supposed to be? It is time to treat you to new bedding. You don’t have to spend a fortune either. You may find it easiest to pick the bedding first before you decide what color to paint your accent wall, unless you have your heart already set on one paint color. Do not forget new sheets, too! There is nothing quite like slipping into new sheets.

  • Rug – A new rug will be the final detail that really pulls the space together. If you have solid bedding and curtains, consider making a bold statement with a printed rug. This also gives you the opportunity to introduce a few secondary colors that you can decorate with. 

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