Texas Style Dinners with Wolf® Brand Chili

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wolf® Brand Chili, all opinions are my own.

When it comes to dinner in my home, I find that I am one who likes to change things up a bit, but with a family of 5 and picky eaters at the table, putting that dish together for dinner can be a lot easier said than done at times. One product that my entire family can agree on, and all enjoy having with a variety of dishes, is Wolf® Brand Chili. I guess you can say that it is a given since we are in Texas, but even so, being fans of the Wolf® Brand Chili makes dinner a lot more interesting with the Texas style seasonings.

We like the variety of chili we can choose from, and we like that the Wolf® Brand Chili  is a real, authentic variety of Texas Chili, that was started in Texas, is the #1 brand of chili in Texas, and continues to only make chili. With the flavor we get from the chili, I find that there are many ways to serve it up. From a hot bowl of chili all by itself, to a great frito pie, some chili dogs, or even a Wolf® Brand Chili smothered burrito!

All are favorites in our house, and all are dishes that are not only something everyone can agree on when it comes to dinner, but they also make those nights where time is limited when it comes to getting dinner together and on the table, an easy and quick solution for dinner!

One dish that my family really likes, are the Wolf® Brand Chili and Cheese Smothered Burritos. With these burritos you need to have a pack of flour tortillas, 1 lb ground beef, 1 package of taco seasoning, Spanish style rice, grated cheddar cheese, 2 15 oz cans of the Homestyle Wolf® Brand Chili, and 1 16 oz package of Velveeta. 

To get started, brown the ground beef, drain it and add the taco seasoning as directed on the taco seasoning package, and prepare your Spanish rice as directed on the package you use or recipe you like to use. 
Cube the Velveeta Cheese and put in a pan on the stove to melt, once it starts to melt, add the 2 cans of the Homestyle Wolf® Brand Chili and stir it together. Continue stirring over the heat until all of the cheese is melted. 

Once the cheese and chili sauce is complete, I like to warm up the package of tortillas in the microwave so they are easy to fold once they are filled with the contents. From there, place the tortilla on the place, add a spoonful of the ground beef and evenly spread it in the middle of the tortilla, add the rice to the top of the meat, and sprinkle some grated cheese on top and roll the burrito. 
Then once you have the burrito rolled, generously spoon the Wolf® Brand Chili and cheese sauce over the top of the burrito, serve and enjoy!!

This recipe is not only a fairly easy one to put together on those busy nights for the family, but the smothered burritos are so good with the sauce that we like to put on them using the Wolf® Brand Chili! So as you get dinner together, check out the recipes you can find using Wolf® Brand Chili for inspiration or share your own by heading over to the Wolf® Brand Chili Facebook Page today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wolf® Brand Chili.
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