#TheAmazingZhus Giving the Gift of Magic with the Amazing Zhus

With the holiday shopping season upon us, I find that searching for those must have toys, is something that I should get a head start on. Like many other kids out there, my kids tend to want to add those hot toys to their lists, the ones that every other kid out there wants as well. So over the years, I have learned that getting a little head start on the holiday shopping, can not only help with beating some of those holiday crowds, but I can also get those hot, must have toys, before they are gone. One such line of toys, that I have seen already making waves before they even arrive, are The Amazing Zhus, and to help with this years holiday guide, I was sent some of The Amazing Zhus products to review.

The Amazing Zhus are one of the newest and hottest line of toys, which will soon hit the market, and even though they are available for preorder now, once they hit shelves they will be disappearing fast. I say that, because just like I see them as being a hot seller this season, they are a line of toys where the kids can practice some fun magic tricks and put on their own magic shows.

We were sent The Amazing Zhus Stunt Pet Dynamo and the Disappearing Box to review. With this box and the stunt pet, my kids can perform real magic tricks for all to see. The trick is easy to follow, and once you put Dynamo in the box, and follow the instructions, he mysteriously disappears, leaving audiences in shock!

We not only found the tricks to be amazing, but we like that each of The Amazing Zhus has its own tricks, and they can show off those tricks by not only adding each of them to your collection, but also adding their magician props as well, so you can have a whole magic show to share for all to see! So this holiday season, as you prepare for the shopping, be sure to check out the Amazing Zhus, and to beat those crowds and ensure you get your hands on some of the Amazing Zhus ahead of time, go on now to preorder yours today!

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