5 Unusual Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? For many, the holidays are the time when they raid shops hoping for great discounts on bulk buys so they can get gifts for everyone—just in different colors, perhaps.

However, if you’ve always prided yourself on giving thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, then you know that simple sweaters and coffee mugs just aren’t enough for those unique, possibly eccentric, and seriously fun-loving misfits in your life. If you find yourself in a quandary over what to give your beloved weirdoes, here are five unusual gifts you can give them this Christmas that would make them want to hold a feast in your honor.

The Moguard accomplishes one very, very important task: keeping mustaches dry when glugging down that specially-brewed Christmas ale. Every burly man with a mustache knows that drinking foamy beer results in a drippy ‘stache, making him sip his beer daintily in a manner unbecoming of one who has an innate love for beer like the bearded, mustached Vikings of old.

Enter the Moguard, a nifty device that attaches to a cup to protect a mustache from beer foam. The Moguard is inspired from 19th-century cups from Europe that had mustache guards built in, and has the versatility of fitting in different cup sizes. It’s made of a food-grade silicon that lets it slip easily onto cups, mugs, and even wine glasses, and works by restricting the top layer of beer from flowing onto the upper lip, thus keeping mustaches dry and foam-free.

Pet Poop-Shaped Candy
For that crazy cat lady in your life, how about a box of candy? It sounds too common, but not if it’s shaped like cat poop! This is absolutely the perfect gift for your feline-minded loved ones, who will most likely cuddle you to death when they receive it. They will know you’re thinking of them because you know they love all things cat, even those “little accidents” that happen at the foot of their beds. It also comes in dog-shaped poop, which makes it a wonderful present for the bipetual.

No beard this winter? No problem. Enter the Beardski, an innovation that allows people to instantly stay warm—and utterly attractive—on the snowy slopes. The frosty weather is no match for glorious facial hair, especially when it’s made with thermal fleece! The Beardski comes in various hair colors and styles, from the dreadlocked Beardski Mocha Rasta to the holiday-appropriate Beardski Santa. Beardskis come with adjustable attachment flaps and are lined with high-quality silk backing. They’re washable, water-resistant, and non-flammable. Vented neoprene for the mouth and chin makes it cool and comfy to wear. Here’s another plus: it looks great on girls too!

Grass-covered Flip-Flops
The cold weather and snow that comes every winter makes it impossible for those who love walking barefoot on the grass to do their heart’s desire. For that hippie in your life, a pair of grass-covered flip-flops can do just the trick of giving them the sensation of walking on grass even when they’re stuck indoors.

Fried Chicken Candle
The most delectable gift on our list is one that fried chicken lovers will surely adore. The Fried Chicken Candle is made by frying chicken in all-natural soy wax and seasoning it with secret spices. The result is a candle that exudes a scent that can only be described as finger-lickin’ good. Lighting up the candle before Christmas dinner will make anyone’s belly rumble in no time!

Consult this list if you’ve run out of ideas for unusual presents to give your loved ones for the holidays. You can also go quirky lamp-hunting in a furniture store in NY, or if all else fails, simply bake them a graduation cake—because nothing spells “weird” more than a toga-themed cake for Christmas. Have fun!

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  1. Remus
    December 9, 2014 / 7:54 pm

    thank you for the much needed laugh! I was just picturing which relatives I would like to give some of those things to…. 🙂

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