Clean the Air in Your Home this Season with Airfree Air Sterilizer

With the holidays upon us, and the cooler weather also here, we find that with all of the guests we have that come and go over the season, there are some that were uninvited who may overstay their unwelcome. The guests I am talking about are those airborne guest, as well as any mold and mildew that might find its way into the home, causing loved ones to get sick, and allergies to flare up. Well to help clean the air in my home this season, we were sent the Airfree Air Sterilizer to review.

This air purifier is one that is great to have in the home year round. It cleans out the air, by bringing the air in and out without the use of a filter. Instead, it cleans the air in your home with high heat that destroys those allergens along with those nasty microbiological antigens. Then it cools the air down again, and releases clean, sterile air into your home, giving you and your family clean, sterile air to breathe!

We have found the Airfree Air Sterilizer to be a great item to have in our home, for helping with those in the home who suffer from those nasty allergies and even help with reducing the symptoms of asthma!

With having pets in the home, we find that there is more dust and dirt, and with this sterilizer, we can get rid of those dust mites, bacteria, fungi, those nasty virus’s that are in the air, along with other microorganisms that might be in the air! Helping to not only keep my family safe when it comes to everything that gets shared over this season when it comes to those nasty colds and flu, but also keep my guests safe when they come to visit and enjoy the season with us!

So this year, as you greet your guests in your home, greet them with a clean home that also has clean air with Airfree, so everyone can have a happy holiday!

Product received, thank you to AirFree and the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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