How Can You Ensure You Stay Healthy Over The Christmas Period

Christmas is a time of joy and cheer, and unfortunately, of pesky sniffles and bloated bellies as well. Our hectic holiday schedule usually makes us neglect our health, and we usually end up regretting running around in the snow or eating up that last slice of devil’s food cake. If you’re worrying you would receive an unwelcome gift called the flu this Christmas, here are some of the best tips to follow to make sure you stay as healthy and jolly as old St. Nicholas!

Get a flu shot.
Have yourself a merry little flu shot as soon as December arrives to give the vaccine enough time to protect your body from the flu come Christmas.

Pre-cook healthy meals.
With Christmas shopping, sewing costumes for your children’s school play, and putting decorations around the house, who’s got time to cook? This is why it’s recommend to cook healthy meals ahead of time—say, a week or two before Christmas—put them in microwaveable food keepers, and chuck them in the freezer, properly labelled of course. Your foresight will save you from starving or worse, gobbling that bag of chips.

Keep your pantry stocked with the good stuff.
Your fridge may have all sorts of healthy meals in it, but if your kitchen counter or dining room table has junk food as its centerpiece, then your efforts will be for naught. Having all sorts of junk food in plain sight will make it easier for you to grab that bag of salty chips and gorge on it while decorating your tree. Replace chips with fruits, nuts, and granola bars, and Santa will definitely reward you for being good.

Drink plenty of water.
The cold weather may not make you feel thirsty, but that does not mean your body isn’t needing water. Water is necessary to help our bodies regulate our temperature, keep our systems going, and counter the dehydrating effect of alcohol intake. If you’re going to a party, make sure you drink water before, during, and after. Avoid drinking too much alcohol—go for iced tea, non-alcoholic wine, or lime and soda instead. You can also dilute alcoholic drinks with ice or water, and intersperse water or juice between alcoholic drinks.

Stay physically active.
Your cozy bed is tempting you to snuggle under the covers the whole day through, but don’t give in to it. It’s quite understandable to feel tired and sleepy due to the hectic holiday schedule and longer nights, but the more you laze around, the worse you’ll feel. Strive to exercise at least 20 minutes every other day in order to aid digestion, boost your immune system, and make you feel more energized. You’ll avoid gaining the holiday fat, too. You can do brisk walking outdoors or do some strength training and cardio exercises indoors. If you need guidance keeping fit, get a personal trainer in Bucks County and you’ll be sure to have a healthier bod throughout the holidays.

And that’s it! Follow these tips to stay healthy over Christmas so that you can enjoy all the activities you have planned with your friends and family. Happy holidays!

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