Mommy-Time Tips

We all know how hard-going that first year of parenting can be, especially for new mothers who have just had their first child. With that in mind we’ve come up with a couple of things you can do when you have some spare time to improve your wellbeing.

The first thing you can do is work on your fitness. After that first year you’ll still have some leftover pregnancy weight to lose. Looking after a kid can be quite a workout but a few hours in the gym or out walking can’t do you any harm, plus when you’re taking a walk you could always bring the baby along in a stroller.

Other than fitness you’ll also have to work on what you’re eating. Unfortunately because you’re also looking after a child you can’t stop and brew up big healthy meals, so instead you should try to regularly snack on healthy items throughout the day. Protein rich foods like Almonds, cheese or snack meats are always a good source of long lasting energy.

One thing you’ll never get with a child is regular sleep and sleep is important to your health as it helps concentration, your mood and your immune system. You can improve on this by napping when your baby is asleep, even if it’s for a few minutes it will do you a world of good.

Finally there’s the most important part of your routine, your spare time. When you have some free time away from your baby you should always do something to relax and power down even if it’s for just a few minutes.

Some new mothers recommend bingo as it’s a slow paced game that you can take your time with, plus you can play it at home on your phone or tablet so you won’t have to leave your child on their own.

If you’ve never tried it you can always try looking at to learn a bit more about it and the types of benefits the online version of it can be. But it’s not just bingo you could read a book or even just enjoy a few episodes of your favourite TV programme, just make sure that whatever you choose you enjoy it.

Work just a few of these tips into your routine every day and you should find that your life as a new mother will drastically improve.

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