Scentchips The Original Fragrance Melt

The holiday season is upon us and in full swing in my house. From the decorating to the baking and shopping, I find that I get excited to prepare my home for this time of year! One thing that I enjoy doing, when there is not some sort of dessert baking to fill my home with those fresh baked smells, is have those wax melts on hand. Recently I was introduced to Scentchips and sent a very decorative touch warmer, along with a variety of scent chips to review!

With the warmer, I like that I can choose the lighting levels, which will also be the levels on how fast the chips will melt, by adjusting it with just a touch! Then with the fragrances, I was sent some of my favorite Fall varieties, which include some from the pumpkin collection!

I like that unlike other wax melts you find out there, with the Scentchips, you get a variety of scented wax pieces, that when mixed together, create a very fresh and unique fragrance! With the different fall and holiday fragrances, I like that when I do not have something baking in the oven, I can ensure my home continues to have that fresh baked smell throughout, by melting some of the Scentchips in my warmer!

Another thing that I like about Scentchips, that makes them stand out from the other wax melt companies that are out there is that they are not only the original fragrance melt company, but I can also go on and create my own unique fragrances by picking out a variety of chips to blend together! Making the products you can find from Scentchips, not only a great variety of products to have in your home, but also a great gift to give this holiday season!

Product received, thank you to Scentchips for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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