Tips for Improving Posture in Kids

You can tell your child to stand or sit up straight 100 times a day, and it is probably not going to help them. There is a lot more to poor posture than most people realize. Bad posture can stem back to them being a newborn, so it is not always as easy to correct as you might think.

Spinal Development in Babies

Children grow at a rapid rate for their first four years. The nerves, joints, and muscles are all developing, so although you may be just now noticing your 7-year-old hunched over, this habit can be the result of spending too much time in a car seat years ago. Approximately 10 percent of children 8 to 10 years old complain of lower back pain and posture is the main culprit.


Poor posture can be the result of one or a combination of causes, including:

Eye problems
Ear problems
Central nervous system disorders
Musculoskeletal system problems
Peripheral nervous system disorder

Deconditiong of a muscular system is the most common cause. Holding your body in an improper position for extended periods of time weakens certain areas of the muscles. So, while you think they should just be able to stand straight now, it is really not that easy.

Improving Posture

Ideally, you will take steps to promote healthy posture from babyhood. So, if you are dealing with one child with bad posture and you are expecting another shortly, as least you can help your next child have a healthy back from the beginning, which is a lot easier than making corrections. That being said, hope is not lost for the one you are watching hunched over their homework right now. These tips will help.

Make it a Priority – Your child may think you are nagging them, but it is important to make proper posture a priority. When they are made aware of their slouching it becomes easier for them to recognize on their own.

Ergonomic Seating – Sitting on their bed or at a desk hunched over while reading, studying, playing video games, or hanging out with friends is doing more damage. Bean bag chairs are the most recommended pieces of furniture because the beans cradle and support their back. This eliminates strain and is essential for a healthy spine.  If you are looking for a bean bag chair online, stores like offers them.

Yoga – Body awareness is a focus during yoga practice. Many postures require the spine to be straight for proper extensions. There are yoga studies that offer a kids’ class or at least a “mommy and me” class for little ones.

Praise – Make sure you praise them, when you notice they have good posture. This will give them more incentive to continue to put forth the effort to correct the habit.

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