Unusual storage solutions for the smaller house

If you live in a small house, you’ll be
only too well aware of the problems that can be caused as a result of a lack of
storage space. Families in the 21st century are often overwhelmed by
‘stuff’ and where to put an ever-increasing collection of shoes, technological
gizmos and kitchen gadgets can feel like insurmountable chore.

Assess your needs

In order to deal with these hassles, look
around your home and see what items you use on a regular basis, and those that
are rarely used. If you find that you are left with a large pile of belongings
that you don’t have any room for but you don’t want to consign to the skip,
then take advantage of an independent storage facility:
Kelly Store
could prove an ideal solution to this problem. They will deliver what is known
as a mobile storage pod to your home, you fill it up, and they take it away

Books are everywhere

Despite the growth of e-books and the
flourishing Kindle market, many people still like reading traditional books.
The problem is that books can take up a lot of space and unless you are
extremely well disciplined you’ll find them decorating the floors of every room
in the house. One way around this problem is to mount bookshelves in unusual
places. Instead of leaving the space around your windows bare, erect some
bookshelves in this space. The same applies to the area under the stairs;
bookshelves can be constructed to fit into this space.

Where to put wellies and shoes

The blog Poppy
suggests that you construct some large drawers that are purpose built
to fit under your staircase. When closed they sit flush against the wall no one
will imagine that all the family shoes and Wellington boots are contained
within these drawers. In fact they could be built so discreetly that no one
will even guess that they’re drawers at all.

Storage in the kitchen

It’s very easy to run out of space in the
kitchen. Even the smartest of kitchen units can fill up very quickly if you’re
trying to store bread making machines, casseroles and other kitchen essentials.
Some people solve this problem by using their ceilings. You could buy a
saucepan rack and hang your saucepans on the rack, therefore freeing up more
space in your cupboards and on your surfaces.

Storage in the bedroom

Even if you regularly send unworn parts of
your wardrobe to the local charity shop, there’s always a problem of how to
store heavy jumpers and other items of winter clothing. You could invest in an
old trunk and cover it with some cushions so that it can double up as a seat
and then you’ll have created the perfect storage facility.

Alternatively, according to House
and Garden
, you can create additional storage under the window by
constructing a window seat that also doubles up as a receptacle for clothes,
clean towels and other essentials. You could always give your kids sofa beds,
so that you can store clean bedding underneath the mattress, and make your
children feel very grown up by having their own sitting room that converts to a
bedroom at night.

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