#BarbieFavorites Making Everyday Special with Barbie

Like many girls out there, when it comes to making those birthdays and even celebrations like Valentines Day special, we like to add products from Barbie to the mix. To help with finding those Barbie favorites, we were sent the Barbie Malibu Ave. Mall, which is not only on the list of those Barbie favorite items, but is also found exclusively at Toys R Us!

With the Barbie Malibu Mall we found that there is so much to do and play with in this one set! My daughter finds that she really likes the boutiques that are available on this set and that the escalator can really go up and down, with her controlling it. There is also a cool ATM, and when her Barbies head to the movie theater in the mall, she can put her iPod or smart phone in the screen, and pick what they will watch since her device will be the movie screen!

We not only found the Barbie Shopping Mall to be a must have item to add to the list of Barbie favorites this year, but to add to her mall, my daughter has made a list of Barbie dolls from Toys R Us that will be ready to shop until they drop when she plays with them in her new mall and she can position them in the mall using the doll clips that are included!

I like that with the Barbie Shopping Mall, we can easily add more Barbies to the shopping experience, and that when we head to Toys R Us, we can not only find more Barbies and accessories there, but we can find more of the Toys R Us Exclusives that can only be found at Toys R Us. I also find that from a parents perspective that this Barbie play set offers hours of fun and imaginative play for my daughter and her friends! Making the Barbie Shopping Mall along with the other Toys R Us Exclusive from the Barbie line, a list of must have items and a list of items to add to your Barbie favorites this year!

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  1. Courtney B
    November 30, 2014 / 5:48 am

    i like this but i think i like the dreamhouse more… but this is also very cute.

  2. Allison Downes
    November 30, 2014 / 5:32 pm

    Great review! I always lvoed getting Barbie toys when I was little. This looks really cute. I think my little cousin would love this. Thanks for sharing

  3. Janet W.
    January 7, 2015 / 10:28 am

    Wow this looks like so much fun for a little girl to play with! So much to do!

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