Looking for the Right Pushchair or Pram when Preparing for Baby

As parents prepare for the day that baby will get here, we find ourselves with a list of things to do and get that seems like a endless list. It may seem like the 9 plus months we have may be like plenty of time, but between seeing doctors and getting everything ready, the time goes by a lot faster than some might think.

There are so many things to have in place and find, so that once baby makes their arrival, as parents, we can relax a little and enjoy those first moments with baby. One item that can be a hard one to make a decision on when it comes to the baby gear is the stroller, and when searching for the perfect one, I find that looking for the sites where there is a selection of baby pushchairs/prams sold, can make the process of choosing the right one a little easier.

Having a selection when shopping for the various baby gear items makes it easy because you can compare the different items, research them by looking at the reviews, and also look into the options available, so when you make your decision, you feel good about the one you choose.

For me, after having 3 babies, I have found that when it comes to the stroller options, I like to have the strollers that grow with baby, from birth on up to the toddler years. So as I look over the various baby prams, I like the ones that not only have the option for fitting a infant car seat on it, but also have the removable bassinet, and can convert into a stroller when baby can sit up and ride.

I like to also find the options that accommodate the busy parent, allowing a easy fold option, something that is sturdy but also light weight, has a large basket in the bottom, and that is also easy to steer. Making it so when I shop for the baby pushchairs, I have a idea on what I am searching for, so I can narrow the options down right away and find the stroller I am in search of!

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  1. slehan
    January 28, 2015 / 4:00 am

    40 years ago I got a hand-me-down stroller and was glad for it.slehan at juno dot com

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