10 Products You Don’t Need But Really Want

Shopping online is fun, as it is convenient and you get to see a lot of things that you won’t see otherwise. For instance, there are websites that offer fun things and useless stuff that you don’t really need, but you want to buy. There are plenty of things out there that you may want to purchase because they are cute, or just because they are bizarre and you haven’t seen anything like them. Here are 10 products that you don’t need, but really want!

  • Transparent canoe – For those water sports fanatics, this transparent canoe is just what you want on your next adventure. Sure, canoeing itself is fun. But, with this transparent canoe, you can see the marine life underneath you. Cool, right? You can get this one if you have $1,600 to spare.

  • Toilet seat pedal – Lazy men who find it too much of an effort to put up the toilet seat can take advantage of a toilet seat pedal. The item attaches on your toilet seat bowl, so you don’t have to bend to lift up a toilet seat. Simply step on the pedal and the toilet seat automatically goes up.

  • Egg cuber – Tired of eating the same old oval-shaped egg? You can now enjoy eating egg cubes with the help of an egg cuber, which transforms your round egg into a cube!

  • Self-stirring mug – This is one of those inventions for those who are too lazy to stir their own drink. This battery-powered mug will stir your drinks for you with the push of a button. No more teaspoons needed for your morning drink!

  • Hands-free umbrella dome – For commuters, the rain can be such a hassle especially if you carry a lot of things around. This hands-free umbrella dome is just the solution. Just put it over your head and the umbrella dome will keep you dry while you have your hands free.

  • Glow in the dark toilet paper – Because who want regular toilet paper? This glow in the dark toilet paper is perfect for those who take trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. No more fumbling for the toilet paper when you can see exactly where it is.

  • Color changing tiles – Are you someone who spends so much time in the shower? Then the color changing tiles may just be for you. These tiles change color with temperature, as they are heat sensitive. Now you can call your bathroom groovy with these tiles.

  • Bacon floss – Bacon lovers, and I’m sure there are plenty, would enjoy this bacon floss. Why would you want to use regular floss when you can use bacon floss? Improve your dental hygiene while enjoying the taste of bacon!

  • Checkers shot glass drinking game – Checkers is a fun game, but if you have a party, the checkers shot glass drinking game is even better! Just don’t let yourself lose the game if you don’t want to take a shot of alcohol!

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