5 Unusual Ways To Throw The Best Kids Birthday Party

When planning a birthday party for children, you have to be creative for them to have fun and enjoy their special day. Kids get tired of the same old thing, and if you want to give them a new experience, an unusual birthday party should do the trick. If you don’t have any ideas, here are five of them that you could try the next time you plan a birthday party for your child.

Camping party
Let your children enjoy the great outdoors for the next birthday celebration. Kids today have had enough of gadgets and technology, which is why a birthday party is the best opportunity to get them acquainted with nature. You can set up a few tents in your yard and do a bonfire in the afternoon where they can roast some smores. Set up a few party games such as scavenger hunt. Let them have fun while learning about nature and maybe you’ll be able to lessen their time with their gadgets.

Messy party
Kids can get messy and for your child’s special day, let the theme be mess! Let them decorate their own cupcakes, paint using their hands, and make their own pizza. Purchase a few cans of silly string and let the children have fun while making a mess. This is sure to be a party that will be talked about by the kids after! Be the cool mom and let your child and party guests run wild!

Monochrome party
Let your kid choose a favorite color and let that be the theme of the party. For instance, if your kid chooses blue, decorate the party venue with blue balloons, and streamers. It can be quite challenging to bring the theme to the food, but if you can, go ahead! Ask the guests to come in blue and you will have a monochrome party that won’t soon be forgotten! You can also ask them to bring gifts in the color of the birthday celebrant’s choice!

Laser tag party
If you don’t want to prepare activities for the children to do during the birthday party, one thing you can do is hold it in a laser tag venue. Rent the place for a few hours and let the kids try to tag each other with laser guns. You can also ask a caterer to bring food to the venue. Children can spend so many hours running wild and trying to chase each other. This is a party that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Picture perfect
Have a picture-themed birthday party for your child. Decorate the venue with pictures of your child’s milestone. As a treat to the kids, let them have their own disposable cameras that they can use throughout the party. Have the pictures developed and give the guests copies of the pictures that they took. To make things more interesting, you can rely on photo booth rentals, so families and children can have their own pictures taken and take the photo strips home as souvenirs!

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