“Here With Me” by Roxanna

Upcoming adult contemporary singer, Roxanna recently released her latest music video, “Here With Me” (featuring Soap heartthrob, James Scott). This is the 4th single off of her debut album, Exotica; a complete body of work including a string of moving ballads with smooth jazz and flamenco influences produced by Mark Portmann (Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion) featuring Chris Botti. Exotica is a soulful testimony to the trials and tribulations of love, forgiveness, and healing.

 “Here With Me” drew inspiration from a poetry book that Roxanna’s dad gave her mother about 44 years ago: “She (her mother) marked her favorites by placing a rose or a stamp or some keepsake between the pages.” Roxanna took verses from her mother’s most beloved poems, made a few alterations and utilized the help of Chris Botti, to create this beautiful narration. 

Roxanna teamed up with director Samuel Gonzalez Jr. to create a highly anticipated prequel to her “Unforgotten” music video, also starring James Scott. Roxanna, finds her mysterious lover, James, waiting for her by the smoky bar in this 1940’s themed, romance narration. James and Roxanna lock lips in a cloudy figment of her imagination, as she emphasizes that the best times were in her lover’s arms. Ironically, this black and white romance story comes to color, at the end of the music video, when Roxanna wakes up in James’s arms and then attempts to sneak away with a bag of his money. However, the suave, sophisticated actor replies, “you’re not going anywhere kid.”

Watch Roxanna’s “Here With Me” music video below:


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