Boosting Weightloss with BodyLab

Being a mother of 3, I find that when it comes to taking care of things, the kids, my husband, and the house tend to be my priority. I know that taking care of my health should be on that list, but I also find that I always come up with excuses when it comes to my weight. This issue is not only one I have dealt with, but one that many of my friends who are in the same boat, deal with. And as a woman, mom, and a friend, I find that it is important to seek out products that can help with my health and my weightloss. So when I was sent the TastyShake and 7 Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit from BodyLab to review, I was not only excited to check it out for myself, but also share with others.

With the products from BodyLab, I found the 7 Day Ultra Fast Slim Kit, to be a great way to help detox and cleanse my system. There are 3 different products in each box, which are to be taken daily for 7 days. I like that with using this kit, along with the Shakes, and making that change with my lifestyle by adding a workout routine and diet to my daily regimen, I was able to get results!

Now in the past, I have tried various diet plans, along with working out, and I have had results, but with this system, I was able to really boost those results by seeing an extra 3 pound weightloss in one week. So instead of the 5 pound weightloss that I had expected by changing my diet and adding exercise to the mix, I saw a 8 pound weightloss in one week!

I liked that with adding the TastyShake, and using it as directed by drinking a shake before working out and with my largest meal, I was able not feel worn down after working out, and had energy to get me through the day, while loosing weight! I also found that on top of using the products from BodyLab, I was able to utilize the online community, where I found recipes, advice and even community support, helping to keep me on the right track and also offering me encouragement to continue with the goals I have set in place! Making the products from BodyLab a great selection of products for any woman, who is looking to loose weight, follow a regimen and get results!

Product received, thank you to BodyLab as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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