Spring Cleaning with the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy

With the official first day of spring just around the corner, I find that it is time to get a head start on the spring cleaning. For me this means putting up all of the winter decor and clothes, and taking out all of the spring and summer items so we can prepare for the warmer weather that is just ahead. On top of that I find that with the warmer weather, we have the dogs and cat who begin to shed those winter coats, as well as those flowers that are begin to bloom and grass that needs to be cut. Which means, time for allergy season in my home. To help with combating those allergens in the air and throughout my home, I change out filters in our vents, and I like to seek out products that can help reduce the allergens, making he spring not something to be dreaded due to all of the allergies, but a season to be embraced with open arms. So when we were sent the all new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy to review, I was excited to see the difference it can make in my home! 

Like many out there who have owned a Dyson, I adore my Dyson products, from the upright and cordless vacuums to the fans, so when I heard about the new Dyson Cinetic Science, that is unlike any other out there, I was excited to see it in action. I found that the suction power is exactly what was needed in my home, helping to get any dirt, dust, pollen, and especially animal hair up and out of my carpets, making a noticeable difference, without clogging.

I like knowing that with the Dyson Cinetic Science that I get with this vacuum, I can feel at ease with the fact that not only will it not loose its suction, but I do not have to worry about changing out any filters, ever!! With the Dyson Cinetic Science, the tips oscillate at up to 5,000 hz, separating dust that can clog other vacuums, which helps to ensure that suction remains! I also like that with the Dyson ball, I can go around corners, and get around my home with easy steering. The self adjusting cleaning head makes it easy for me to go from the various floor surfaces throughout my home, making it easy to go from hard floors to the rug to the carpeted rooms, without having to stop and change settings, and also not having to worry about any loss of suction in the process. I also like knowing that the air that is expelled from the vacuum is cleaner air than any other vacuum on the market!

When I need to get the furniture like our couches that the dogs and cat lounge on, I can get that animal hair up with ease by using the tangle free turbine tool. In fact there are several tools that come with this Dyson, which all help to ensure I get all of those nooks and crannies, even when it comes to the dusting and cleaning the mattress’s, so I can get as much of the dust and allergens up and out of my home. I found that having my accessory tool bag comes in handy, so when I am not using the various tools, I can be sure to keep them together so they are easily accessed when I need them!

The Instant Release Wand makes the action of expanding the hose and wand, a simple one, making the cleaning of places that are higher up easy! Then with the emptying of the bin, it is easy to take off and put back on, and releasing the contents is done by just pressing the button on the top, making the disposal easy and mess free! In all, making the new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal + Allergy not only a new favorite in my home, but also one I will suggest to others when it comes to finding a vacuum that will not only last, but also one that will help to reduce allergens and pet hair in the home!

Product received, thank you to Dyson as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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