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As a woman, I like to always feel shower fresh, the thing is, there is a reality to be acknowledged. The reality of it is I have 3 kids, I have a busy schedule, and when I take a shower, even using some of my more pricey body washes, that fresh scent I get from the shower only lasts a short amount of time. Leaving me clean, but not with that scent I bathed with, and longing for my next shower or using body spray so I can keep that scent going. Well to help with finding and keeping that freshness when it comes to the scent I can get from using my favorite fragrant body washes in the shower, I was introduced to the new Caress Forever Collection!

Now unlike other body washes I have tried out there, even the ones where I am willing to pay a bit more for, the fresh fragrance you get from the Caress Forever Collection lasts up to 12 hours! This is possible with the Fragrance Touch Technology that is unique to the Caress Forever line.  The Fragrance Touch Technology is one that contains Caress Fragrance Release Pearls, which release bursts of perfume with just a touch to the skin, and is only found in the Caress Forever Collection.

The fragrances you can choose from are very pleasant, giving me those scents that I look for when I purchase body washes from some of those specialty stores, but at a more mom friendly price. These fragrances were created by the award winning perfumer, Loc Dong, who has created more than 40 scents for major fashion and fragrance companies. Along with Loc Dong, more than another 25 scientists helped in creating this amazing line from Caress!

With the fragrances in this collection, you get the Love Forever, which gets you a scent with Mandarin Oranges and Peaches, along with the floral notes of Scarlet Red Rose, Peony and Freesia, with the base notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla Musk! Then with the Adore Forever you get the fresh scents of Raspberry and Cassis, floral notes of Angel Face Rose and Muguet, with the base notes of Amber, Honey and Vanilla. Giving me not only body wash that lasts for up to 12 hours, but also choices when it comes to the fragrances!

I have found that I can save money, not only by not having to shop the pricier body washes that do not last anywhere near as long, but also save when it comes to buying those body sprays that I use throughout the day to try to keep that fresh fragrance going. In all making the Caress Forever Collection, not only a new addition to my shower routine, but a new way of life when it comes to using fragrances.

“Fragrance is emotion brought to Life. The Caress Forever Collection evokes love, passion, sensuality, and elegance.”- Loc Dong

I was provided with products from Caress for this post. I was chosen to participate in this sponsored post through MomDot, all opinions are my own.
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