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As a parent of kids in grade school who are heading into the summer months, I dread that summer brain drain. I know that during the school year, my kids work hard at getting to the points they got to in school, and for them to loose some of that information they learned over the summer, I find that it is something I need to work on to try to avoid. With the kids home for the summer, I seek out products and apps, that can make learning over the summer fun, so they can continue to enjoy their summer break, as well as continue to keep their precious minds going with educational resources that I come across. Recently I was introduced to such an app with the iRecognize Memory Training Practice and Photo Flashcard Creator.

With the iRecognize app, I can easily download it to our iPad, then start utilizing the app right away. I like that there is a full, preloaded library ready to use, and that the app is not only a great resource to have with my kids over the summer, but also makes for a great app to have to use on those with Alzheimer’s as well as other conditions that effect the memory, making it a aid in memory therapy.

Aside from the preloaded features that we can get with this app, I like that we can personalize the learning experience, by uploading not only our own photos to use as flashcards, but even personalize it by using our voices for the activities within the app. This also allows us to even personalize the preloaded flashcards that are on the app, like say for the blue card, I can change it to “This is the color of the sky”. I can even add in those words of encouragement, as they go through the activities, using my own voice to tell them they are doing a good job.

Then, once they have completed the exercises for the day, I can view the results, and personalize the exercises for the next day, all from the iRecognize app! Making this app, not only a great tool to use in my house with the kids over the summer, but also a app I can use for my preschooler, and even one I can recommend to others who are in need of a great app that can help them with memory therapy!

So this summer as the kids start on their break and you are looking for a great app to add to your list of items to have for the kids, or if you have someone or know someone who can benefit from a great memory therapy tool, be sure to check out the iRecognize App!

This post was sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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