Outdoor Play Made Fun with Strider Balance Bikes

With having kids, we find that being outdoors is just a given. I have found that each of my kids are different when it comes to various things they find interest in, except when they come together to play outside, and with my toddler, I find that he wants to be with and do whatever his older siblings are doing. One thing that the older kids like to do when we go to the park, go for walks, or when they are playing with their friends is ride their bikes. The thing is when it comes to my toddler, having a tricycle does not help him much when it comes to trying to keep up with his older siblings and their friends. Being that he is one who is determined to keep up with the older kids, he is also one who wants to ride a bike just like the big kids do. So when we were sent a Strider Balance Bike to review, I knew that this bike would be a great product for my little guy to try out.

I like that the Strider Balance Bikes are made with kids age 18 months on up in mind, allowing kids to get that balance from practicing on their bikes. I also like that when my toddler got on the bike, he felt like a big kid, being able to learn to balance and ride around as we went on walks and at the park. Another plus I like about the Strider Balance Bike is, when he is ready, he will be able to go from the Strider Balance Bike to a 2 wheeled bike, just like his older siblings! In all, making the Strider Balance Bike a great bike to get any kid who is ready to work on their balance skills, to help with giving them confidence, so when they are ready, they too can take that next step and begin to ride a big kid bike as well!

Product received, thank you to Strider as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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