#ReimagineThat Recycle Your Bathroom Plastics + Enter to #Win $500 Gift Card

This post is sponsored by the people from Unilever, all opinions are my own.

Like many out there, I am one who not only strives to find ways to reduce my own carbon footprint, but also ways I can get my family to also contribute and make a difference as well. In our house, we recycle, and we also find ways to repurpose certain items, like egg crates and paper tubes for craft projects and even to sprout seeds in our garden. Now with myself and my husband, we recycle and save items by habit, and as parents we hope that our kids will follow our lead, as well as lead others by example.

When it comes to the recycling in our home, our kids know that they can recycle paper and plastic items, but like many, as a family, we do not always think of the fact that by rinsing out the empty plastic beauty and bath products, we can be recycling those as well. So when I heard about the Unilever “Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” program for Keep America Beautiful and Ad Council, I not only knew this would be a good one to share with my family but also a great one to share with my readers!

The “Rinse. Recycle. Reimagine.” program is to help educate people on the importance of recycling in the bathroom. They want to inspire others to imagine what becomes of those empty bathroom products when they are recycled, in hand getting people everywhere to make that small change that can ultimately have a big positive impact on the environment! With the program, the people from Unilever found that even though a majority of Americans know that those empty bath and beauty bottles can be recycled, only 34% report that they actually recycle them. Instead, those lotion, shampoo and conditioner bottles end up in landfills more often than other products in the home that can be recycled.

So as a person who is guilty of not recycling the bath and beauty bottles in my own home, I am going to make a difference, by rinsing out and recycling the products instead of just throwing them out, as well as encourage others in my home to do the same. And to help encourage you, your friends and family do the same when it comes to recycling bath and beauty product bottles, Unilever is hosting a great contest! From now until June 9th, they will be giving away daily prizes along with a $500 Gift Card Grand Prize, with the #RemagineThat Sweepstakes! To enter to win they want to get you to tweet out on Twitter and or Instagram, and share photos of you recycling your bathroom bath and beauty bottles, tagging @UnileverUSA and using the hashtags #ReimagineThat and #Sweeps! You can learn more about this contest by going here:  http://unileversweepsrules.com/reimagine/

This post is sponsored by the people from Unilever, all opinions are my own.
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