Keep Your Home Clean this Summer with the Shark PRO Steam & Spray

The summer is upon us and with that comes the time spent outdoors and those summer cookouts. Being the mother of 3 kids and also the mother of 3 fur babies, when it comes to the outdoors, I find that it seems to always find its way indoors as well. With the kids and dogs running in and out throughout the days, then friends and family coming in and out when we have our cookouts, as everyone goes outdoors, they pick up the mud, dirt and other grime from outside and bring it in on their feet. So as a mom, I like to have the cleaning products on hand that can help me with keeping my floors clean, even as little feet are running around, and to help with keeping my floors clean this summer, I was sent the PRO Steam & Spray from Shark to review.

I like that this floor cleaner is easy to assemble, as well as refill and use. I like that I can put in the floor cleaner, fill up the water chamber using the fill cup that it came with, then begin steaming and cleaning my floors. With the pads that are used on the bottom of this floor cleaner, I can either use the disposable pads or the washable ones. I can also appreciate that the pads are easy to take on and off, and that even after washing the washable pads, they continue to work just as they did when they were new.

With the ease of setting up and use, I like the LED light that comes on, so I can see the stains I am targeting, ensuring I get them up. I also like how easy it is to maneuver, so as I go under cabinets and counters, making it so I can be sure to get all of the areas I am wanting to clean. Another plus I like is the fact that I can choose to use the spray mode only, without the cord, using the battery power, helping to make clean up simple and fast.

Then when it comes to the steam factor, I like knowing that I am not only cleaning my floors with the cleaner that is used, but the steam helps to sanitize my floors and kill 99.9% of the household bacteria we might have on our floors. Making the Shark PRO Steam & Spray a must have floor cleaner for any home with wood or tiled floors, and helping to make the summer days more enjoyable for everyone even as kids and pets track the outdoors in!

Product received, thank you to Shark as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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