#ZippySack #ZipandFlip Bed Making Made Easy with the Zippy Sack!

In our home, when it comes to bed time, we have a set routine. From getting baths done after dinner, pajamas on, teeth brushed and stories read, we have found our routine works for our kids. One of the routines that I think can be a bit harder when it comes to the beds, especially with my younger kids, is not only tucking in when it is bed time, but making the beds when they get up in the morning. So when we were sent a Zippy Sack, I was interested to see if it would help with making the bedtime routine from going to bed at night to getting up in the morning a little easier!

With the Zippy Sack, I find that it is easy to put on the kids beds, and even take off when it comes to washing it. Then when it comes to the kids, to get in the bed, we just unzip their Zippy Sack, tuck them in, then zip it up to help them stay covered at night and keep them warm. And when morning comes and it is time to make their beds, they can make them easily, by zipping up their Zippy Sack all of the way, making it so it is ready to be used again when bedtime comes around!

We not only liked the ease of using a Zippy Sack, but we also like the selection of Zippy Sacks available, so the kids can each choose their own design! In all, making the Zippy Sack a great product to have in our home, and one I would suggest to others when it comes to their kids bedding!

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 Product received, thank you to Zippy Sack as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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