Adventure Time the Complete Fifth Season on Blu-Ray and DVD

When it comes to the shows my kids like to watch, one that my daughter enjoys watching is Adventure Time. So like many other Adventure Time fans out there, my daughter likes to add the seasons to her collection. To help with adding to her Adventure Time collection we were sent the Blu-Ray, Adventure Time Fifth Season to review.

On this Blu-Ray we get 52 Adventure Time episodes which include:


1. Finn the Human 

2. Jake the Dog 

3. Five More Short Graybles

4. Up a Tree

5. All the Little People

6. Jake the Dad

7. Davey

8. Mystery Dungeon

9. All Your Fault

10. Little Dude

11. Bad Little Boy

12. Vault of Bones

13. The Great Bird Man

14. Simon and Marcy

15. A Glitch Is a Glitch

16. Puhoy

17. BMO Lost

18. Princess Potluck

19. James Baxter the Horse

20. Shh!

21. The Suitor

22. The Party’s Over, Isla de Señorita

23. One Last Job

24. Another Five More Short Graybles

25. Candy Streets

26. Wizards Only, Fools

27. Jake Suit

28. Be More

29. Sky Witch

30. Frost & Fire

31. Too Old

32. Earth & Water

33. Time Sandwich

34. The Vault

35. Love Games

36. Dungeon Train

37. The Box Prince

38. Red Starved

39. We Fixed a Truck

40. Play Date

41. The Pit

42. James

43. Root Beer Guy

44. Apple Wedding

45. Blade of Grass 

46. Rattleballs

47. The Red Throne

48. Betty

49. Bad Timing

50. Lemonhope (1)

51. Lemonhope (2)

52. Billy’s Bucket List

*Special Feature:

  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes Featurette

Making the new Adventure Time the Complete Fifth Season on Blu-Ray or DVD a must have to add to any Adventure Time collection, and you can bring your copy home when it comes available on July 14th, 2015!!

Product received, thank you to the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. G K
    July 16, 2015 / 8:53 pm

    I haven't watched this show, but I'm curious why so many adults love it. I've gotten a few items from it in my Nerd Block subscriptions, and the dog looks cute. I'll have to check this out one day.

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