Explore Seattle on a Duck

When looking for things to do while in Seattle, I find that taking the whole family on adventures we can enjoy together is ideal. Being that we are new to the area, we want to explore our area, find new favorite spots and activities, and to help us with doing it from a new to us perspective, we were given the chance to take a tour of Seattle on a Duck with the Ride The Duck of Seattle Tours!

This tour was unlike any we have been on, in the fact that we not only start on a boat that rides on the land then goes in the water, but also for the fact that the crew who took us on our tour, showed us things we might have overlooked and also did it with a comedic style to it! The kids found their antics were funny, and we all liked that even with Seattle being a large city, the people of Seattle interacted and waved to us on our tour as if they were small town neighbors!

We enjoyed every bit of the Duck Tours, from loading the family on the duck, being greeted by the captain, seeing Seattle for not only the hidden gems that we were shown, but also for the people of Seattle who help us feel more at home in our new area!

Then when it came to the tour in the water, well that was one the kids found to be their favorite. We went from driving in downtown Seattle, to riding in the water and seeing Lake Union. We all liked the tour on Lake Union as we not only saw the other boats along the lake, but we also watched as planes landed and took off right from the lake! Making the experience one that was perfect for welcoming us to the Seattle area, and one the kids want to do over and over again!

So if you are in Seattle or will be visiting Seattle, be sure to see the city from a completely different perspective by seeing the Emerald City on a duck!

We were given tickets to ride the ducks and tour Seattle from the people at Ride the Ducks of Seattle in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.
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