Garden Ideas to Make Neighbors Green with Envy

Summer is well and truly here and you’re hopefully making the most of it by spending lots of time in the garden. Summer nights also bring with them evening barbecues, children’s parties, and neighborly catch ups, so you’re going to want to show off a bit! It’s easy to make your own little outside oasis with just a few touches, no matter how large or small it is. Take a look at these simple ideas and keep a weekend free to get creative with your decorating.

Keep furniture colorful

Whether your garden is a lush paradise of greenery or a stretch of minimal decking and paving, there’s always space for a little more color. Choose vibrantly colored outdoor furniture pieces or keep costs low by up-cycling old pieces with paints! Take an old wooden chair and place it on some old rags outside. Sand it and then use a primer so that the paint you use will bond better. Use an exterior paint then finish with a gloss or matte, depending on the look you are going for. You could even paint a rainbow of outdoor furniture, which will put a smile on any visitor’s face.

Go kitsch

Use your garden to reflect your personality and show guests who you are by adding in quirky objects and furniture. Garden parasols come in all shapes and sizes (and prices, Tesco’s range offers good value for money) a colorful parasol is a fun way to keep shaded from the sun. If you have a couple of trees in the back yard, tie up a hammock for some serious zen factor. Lights are another practical, but personal touch and Chinese lanterns or tea lights always go down well on a warm, summer evening. From gnomes to chalkboards to, well just about anything going, don’t be afraid to add a little kookiness to your garden.

Fire up the BBQ

Everybody loves a barbecue — it’s a great way to mingle with the neighbors (and show off the home)! A good decking area provides social space and is a perfect opportunity to jazz the place up. Cushioned seating and outdoor heaters ensures that guests are comfy, whereas pretty teapots and teacups are great for serving cocktails in! For something a bit different, building a fire pit is a lot simpler than you might initially think. Select a secluded part in the garden and pave a square of concrete slabs or bricks. Create a circular wall of bricks that is big enough to fit your grill into. Place the grill in the center, fill with wood and fire it up!

Hopefully, you’ll now be inspired to enjoy personalizing your garden and to show it off to friends, family and neighbors, who will no doubt be green with envy!

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  1. Fiddlin' Dandi
    August 3, 2015 / 7:04 pm

    I like to take care of my yard and the things outside my house, so these are some great tips.

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