Keeping Baby Happy with PullyPalz

When it comes to baby, as a parent we want to find products that can help keep baby happy. I know that when it comes to keeping baby happy, we all have our tips and tricks, and one thing that my babies have always favored when it comes to soothing and keeping them happy is a pacifier. The thing is, pacifiers can be a tricky thing, especially when they fall out of babies mouth then fall behind baby while they are in their car seat or stroller. Making it a chore at times for parents to dig for the lost pacifier while baby is fussing for it. Well recently I was introduced to a solution to the lost pacifier when I was sent a PullyPalz to review.

The PullyPalz are fun animal friends, that help to not only entertain baby but also help to make it easy for baby to retrieve their own pacifiers. With the PullyPalz, you can attach 2 pacifiers, one to easy side. Then as baby reaches for their pacifier, they just pull it towards themselves.

The pacifiers are attached to a string pully system, so if baby drops one pacifier, they can pull at the other. Making it so baby is not only entertained with the PullyPalz, but also so baby can soothe themselves as they reach for a pacifier and use it.

I like that with the PullyPalz, we can use a variety of pacifier brands to attach to our PullyPalz, and I also like that we can use the PullyPalz on various baby items, like a bouncer, baby carrier and more! Then when it comes to the variety, I like that we can choose from 3 very adorable little PullyPalz friends for baby. In all, making the PullyPalz a must have product to add to those lists when preparing for baby!

Product received, thank you to PullyPalz as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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