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As a parent of more than one child, I find myself looking back. Looking back and thinking about our choices each time we have added to the family. I can remember thinking after my daughter was a few years old, having a second child would not be as trying as the first when it came to the unexpected and first time parenting fears. We were a little more prepared when it came to what to expect, and our eldest was a very laid back child, so we had expected the second to be similar in a way. We learned that after having our second baby, there was no comparison to the first. He was the complete opposite of his older sister, but we did not have any of those dare devil issues other friends had with their boys in the toddler years, so we thought, lets have another baby.

The choice to have a third baby was one that we are very happy we made. We found that we could not imagine life without all 3 of our kids, and we also found that unlike the older two kids, our youngest, was indeed the dare devil others had warned us about.

From the start we noticed that he was very attentive, watching his older siblings every move. He seemed to do things a lot earlier than his older siblings too, like walking at 9 months of age. Then once he was mobile, well things seemed to get a lot more interesting. He went from walking to running in the matter of days, then from running to climbing and becoming a very adventurous and daring little man.

With our toddler, we have learned to let him explore the world around him, but also to keep a close eye on him, because unlike his older two siblings, he likes to go a little farther, climb a little higher, and get a little dirtier than what they would prefer. And with that, we have found that he is constantly keeping life interesting in our house, which is what makes us, us, and is something that we would not change for the world.

So as parents, we want to let our kids be kids, have fun, and grow into the people they are destined to be, and do this by letting them be themselves, ensuring their safety, and also insuring the entire family when it comes to accident insurance.

Accident insurance is something we have found to be a must have, especially with a family. I mean, accidents happen, and with our youngest, even though we have been lucky enough to not have any broken bones or ER visits, I like knowing that if it were to happen, we can stress less when it comes to how we will be able to pay for the visits, and focus more on recovery.

With the Aflac accident insurance, I like that instead of having to submit a claim and wait for 30 days, we can submit our claim when it happens, and get the money for the medical expenses in one day with the One Day Pay. Taking the stress out of dealing with bills and insurance claims, and putting our focus on more important things. In all, making the accident insurance from Aflac, just one more reason on why Aflac is the insurance of choice for our family and one I would suggest to anyone with a active family!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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