Cleaning up the Outside that is Tracked in Made Easy with the Shark Sonic Duo

Being in the Pacific Northwest, we find that there is a lot of wet weather around here, and with having both kids and pets who enjoy spending time outdoors, I find that they end up tracking the outdoors in. So having cleaning tools like the Shark Sonic Duo in the home, really comes in handy not only for the hard surface floors, but also for our carpets and rugs.

I like that as my crew comes running in after playing in the dirt and the mud, I can follow their tracks and clean up the mud from our floors right away! I also like that even when the mud seems to be stuck on the carpet, that my Sonic Duo will scrub it off with the 1,000 scrubs per minute that it gives me.

The 1,000 scrubs per minute comes in handy for many of the messes we get, like when something sticky gets spilled on our hard surface floors, I can use the Sonic Duo to get those messes up! Also, when it comes to cleaning the hard surface floors compared to my carpet, I like that there are separate cleaning pads to use as well as different cleaning solutions. Making it so I have the correct tools for the various surfaces throughout my house.

Aside from being able to clean my tiled floors, wood floors, and carpet, I like that I can use the Sonic Duo to clean any messes that might occur on our rugs as well! In fact, when it comes to cleaning the messes I come across on the various surfaces, I can appreciate that the Sonic Duo removes 4 times the amount of stuck on dirt than vacuuming alone, helping to leave my carpets and rugs cleaner, and with the cleaning solution, it helps to leave my carpets and rugs fresher than it would be had I used my vacuum alone.

Then when it comes to other benefits I get from using the Sonic Duo in my home, I like that it cuts dirt and grime, helps to eliminate odors, and even remove allergens. And when it does all of this, I can appreciate that it uses the Trap and Remove Technology with the pads that are used, and that I can use the tips and tricks to not only get the dirt and mud off of my floors, but also combat any stains we might get!

In all, making the Shark Sonic Duo a product that I will recommend to anyone who has a home that has both hard floors and carpets and or rugs!

Product received, thank you to Shark as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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