Cold Brew Coffee with Really Cool Coffee

In my house, when morning comes, coffee is not a option it is a necessity. I have found that my day does not start without my coffee, and when it comes to coffee, I do enjoy having options on ways to prepare it and even when it comes to the flavors. Like many, I like to have some iced coffee from time to time, the thing is, it can take a while to prepare one cup each morning, so when I end up getting my iced coffee I go somewhere to get it. Recently I was introduced to a solution when it comes to being able to have a fresh cup of iced coffee at home with the cold brew coffee from Really Cool Coffee.

I like that the coffee is simple to prepare, so when I am not in the mood to talk or concentrate on any particular tasks that may require several steps, I can make my cold brew coffee just as easily as I make a pot when it comes to my hot coffee. When I say simple I mean simple. All I have to do is open my pack with the three coffee bags inside, put them in a pitcher, fill the pitcher, then place in the fridge, which is similar to the steps I take in preparing my coffee machine for the next day. Then when I get up in the morning, I take the bags out, grab a cup, pour my cold brew coffee in the cup, add any flavors I might want and enjoy! Giving me a iced coffee to not only enjoy the next day, but enough to enjoy for the rest of the week! In all, making the cold brew coffee from Really Cool Coffee, a must have for anyone who enjoys iced coffee!

Product received, thank you to Really Cool Coffee as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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