#Giveaway Babysitting Basics Online Courses by the American Red Cross

When it comes to caring for our kids, we want the best care that we can find for them. We interview sitters, child care facilities, and even set house rules when a older child is watching after younger children. For my family, I not only like to have the house rules set, but I also want my eldest to understand the basics behind babysitting. So it is nice to know, that to help my eldest when it comes to those babysitting basics, I can turn to the American Red Cross, where my daughter can go on to take a online babysitting class, and learn leadership skills, age-appropriate activities, basic child care, basic first aid and safety, guidance on developing a babysitting business, which is meant to help kids ages 11-15!

With the child care training that my daughter can take when she goes to take the Babysitting Basics course, she can take advantage of the online training that will help her be more professional with the certification and become a better babysitter. The course is only about 4 hours long, and after she completes the course, she will be able to share her success with family and friends on Facebook, download a diploma which shows her completion, and even get tools that she can download and print off to help her in her babysitting career.

The tools that she will have access to include skill sheets that she can refer to which include how to spoon feed an infant, lesson summaries, and fact sheets. Then to help when it comes to creating her own babysitting business, she can share her training with the certification she gets, take advantage of the templates they have for resumes and business cards, administrative forms and age‐appropriate activity ideas. In all, giving my child and any child who is interested in becoming a babysitter who is age 11 and up, the tools they need so when they go to take care of younger children, they can make parents feel more at ease knowing that the sitter they choose has taken training and has their certification in Babysitting Basics!

To learn more about the tools your child can utilize when it comes to babysitting, head on over to the American Red Cross site, where you can find the courses on Babysitting Basics for children 11-15 along with the courses on Advanced Child Care Training for ages 16 and up! Also be sure to check out Red Cross Chat (blog)
Babysitting Basics
Advanced Child Care Training

And to help with your children when it comes to babysitting training, the wonderful people from the American Red Cross would like to give one of my amazing readers a free Babysitting Basics course!!


This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of the American Red Cross.

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  1. Vivacious Ramsey
    August 19, 2015 / 9:13 pm

    I like that it is animated and most of all its from the American Red Cross which are the people to go to for health, safety, and emergency courses.

  2. Jenny Scheldberg
    August 28, 2015 / 12:39 am

    I remember taking the course more than 20 some years ago. My stepdaughter is at the age she could begin babysitting but I insist she take this course first.

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