#Giveaway Veena: Helping Girls to Embrace who they are and Giving them the Courage to Change the World

As parents, we want to find and give our children the tools and confidence they need, so when it comes to their dreams and embracing who they are, they are ready to take on the challenges ahead. I have found that as a woman, a writer, creating a voice as a blogger has been a challenge. For me I am a writer who has a following, and my vision is to showcase the products and services that can help other mothers and their children with everyday life, so when questions arise, they can go to my site and find those answers. With my own dream of becoming a writer, I found that becoming a mother and parenting came together with my vision as I had dreamed it would. And I have learned that creating that voice and that presence has not been an easy one, so as the mother of a daughter, I want to find and give her the tools, so she too can take on the dreams that she has for herself.

Recently I was introduced to a company, whose goal is one that I can appreciate as the mother to a daughter, a vision that is to help girls embrace who they are and to also give them the courage to take on and change the world. The company is called VEENA, and along with the line of clothing that they have for girls, they also have information and tools to help young ladies, grow into the women they dream of being.

With VEENA, through their clothing line and resources, they aim to help young ladies see the world for what it is and not for the environment that society has created that is full of unrealistic expectations and subliminal messaging. Which is partially responsible for aiding in the development of negative core beliefs and a distorted reality.

They do this by utilizing the VEENA WARRIORS program, which is also a community that brings girls together by using tools from art and creativity based activities, to help them reflect, communicate and grow as well as build their self esteem. They help to give girls a voice and encourage self expression through art, giving a whole new generation what they need so they can realize that even as girls, they can achieve anything!

VEENA WARRIORS is currently in the beginnings of their own dream, and looking to expand through both Canada and the USA, to build their own online presence, by offering information, contests, workshops, summer camps and other interactions. With these tools they want to be able to focus on body images, fears, anxiety, media pressure, which is something girls face everyday and have their own questions about. And to help move forward with their vision, they have launched a Indiegogo Campaign, which is showcasing some of the products from their Fall 2015 line. Along with their campaign, they are also hosting a referral campaign for their backers, where one winner will win a $100 gift certificate to use on the http://eyesofveena.com/ site!

To enter their giveaway, all you have to do is support our campaign for as little as $5, login to your Indiegogo account, and use the share links on the left hand side of our campaign page.  The individual that provides the most referrals will receive a $100 gift certificate to be used on VEENA merchandise. you can enter by starting here: http://igg.me/at/eyesofveena

This post was sponsored by VEENA to help raise awareness for the VEENA WARRIORS, all opinions are my own.
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