Helping to Give Baby a Safe Sleep Option with Bitta Kidda

When it comes to finding ways to keep baby warm in the evenings, I like to find the products that offer me to not only keep baby warm, but also offer a safe sleep option. With the safety guidelines that suggest that parents do not add blankets, pillows or even toys to babies sleeping area, we not only find that it can be hard to find ways to keep baby warm, but also hard to help baby with soothing themselves since they are not supposed to have anything in their cribs. So as a parent, I like seeking out products like the Bitta Kidda, where I can get the sleep sack to help keep baby warm, along with a lovie that is safe to use in the crib to assist baby with self soothing!

With the Bitta Kidda, you can choose from a variety of wearable products for your baby, and along with those wearable products, you also get a lovie that is attached to the clothing. I like that when it comes to bedtime, I can choose from the various sleep sacks that they have available in the LovieSack line. Also when it comes to the clothing options, we can add the Bitta Kidda Sleepers as well, allowing us to have options when it comes to the bedtime clothes and adding a lovie into the mix.

Then when it comes to those on the go naps or even when having a lovie nearby is ideal for baby, I like that we can Bitta Kidda DAYTIME Lovies to the mix. These lovies are great for attaching to babies clothing, so when we are out running errands, I do not need to pull over to search for babies lovie, instead, baby can grab it and play with it since it is attached to their clothing, keeping their lovie close by! In all, making the products from the Bitta Kidda line, a great selection to choose from when looking for a way to make babies sleep area safer and keeping them happy at the same time by having a lovie that is in reach!

Product received, thank you to Bitta Kidda as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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