Childproof Your Home During Baby Safety Month with Safety 1st

When we have kids in the home, whether we are parents or caregivers, we find that ensuring that the children are safe is our priority. I know that with little ones, once they find ways to get around, whether they are rolling, scooting, crawling or walking, they not only find that they can get to point A to point B on their own, but they also find a fascination in anything and everything that is in their reach. So as a parent, I like to have my house ready for little ones as my own babies begin to get curious and begin exploring our home, and one line of products I like to use when adding safety to the home is Safety 1st.

With September bring Baby Safety month, I find that now is the ideal time to secure the home, whether you have a toddler who is already very curious about their surroundings or if you have a new baby in the home, it is never to early to get started with adding the safety products to the home. For me, I have found that adding a safety gate to places like the stairs, the porch, the laundry room, and any other areas I want to keep my little one out of helps with keeping them from falling down stairs or getting into cleaning products that I might have in the laundry room. And with the Safety 1st Lift, Lock, and Swing Dual Mode Gate, I can put in a gate in those areas that is simple to install and operate, yet perfect for keeping little ones from going up and down stairs and out of areas that can be dangerous to them.

Then when it comes to securing other areas of the home, like the doors so little ones do not try to open the front or back doors, I like that I can utilize the items that are in the 46 Piece Essentials Baby Proofing kit. This kit has not only the door knob covers that help to keep little ones from opening doors they do not need to be opening, but it also comes with 30 Secure Press Plug Protectors, and 12 Cabinet and Drawer Latches, which all together help to keep little ones from getting hurt by getting into the things they should not be getting into, and also helping to give parents and caregivers piece of mind knowing that the home is secure! 

Product received, thank you to Safety 1st as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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