Developmental Toys for Babies from Tiny Love

With babies we find that everyday can bring something new. From those coos and smiles they develop to the reaching and acknowledgement of their surroundings and toys. We find that as parents, we want to encourage these milestones, as little as they might be, so that our babies can develop and grow into the little people they will become. So as a parent, one who has been there done that with my older kids, I find that I seek out the products from the companies I have used in the past, knowing that they were fun and helpful when it came to my babies development and one line of toys that we have adored over the years that has been there for my other babies is Tiny Love!

The baby toys we can find from Tiny Love offer toys that help to encourage tummy time fun, engage babies in music and play, and also encourage those first steps as they begin to crawl! With the Rock and Ball, we can use it at around 3 months, to encourage the reaching as baby is enjoying some tummy time. This ball is also great for when baby is ready to start crawling, allowing baby to crawl after the ball and play with it! Aside from being a ball it also offers other functions, like a mirror for baby to look in as they are on their tummy, or a noise making tambourine when you change its shape and make it into a fun instrument!

When baby is ready to start sitting up and play on the floor, you can incorporate the fun Musical Stack and Ball Game, that gives baby a toy that is also multifunctional. It offers baby a toy that has fun balls to play with, rings to stack, as well as a game of putting the balls in the toy to play music and dance around with!

Then with the Follow Me Fred, you get a toy that walks when baby presses on the button, and encourages baby to follow after and crawl! The Follow Me Fred was a favorite toy of other babies in our family, and I know that as the soon to be newest member is old enough, she will find the Follow Me Fred to be a favorite of hers as well! In all, making the toys we can find at Tiny Love a great selection to have when looking for those baby toys that encourage babies development!

Product received, thank you to Tiny Love as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.
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