How to Create Extra Play Space for Your Kids

Playingis an important part of a child’s development. Kids use play to explore their environment, exercise their imagination, and let off steam. Many parents these days are reluctant to let their children play out in the local neighbourhood for fear of what might happen to them, so they end up playing at home. Unfortunately this can lead to toys cluttering up the space and you tripping up over small cars or plastic bricks. So if this sounds like your home, here are a few ideas to help you create some extra play space.

In an ideal world your kids would have their very own play room where they could enter the world of make believe, cook meals on a plastic cooker, and create all kinds of fantasy worlds using a tub of blocks and a healthy dose of imagination. The problem is that many families just don’t have the space and devoting one room for toys and play is an expensive luxury. Thankfully there are other strategies available if you are sick of seeing toys in your living room.

The Closet Playroom

Closets can easily be turned into small play areas for younger children. This works well if there is a walk-in closet off your child’s nursery because they can store their toys in there and the space makes a great hidey hole. The biggest disadvantage with this idea is that most closets are not terribly big and before long there won’t be enough room for all of your child’s toys.

Play Nooks

Another option that might work for you is to turn a small nook or corner into a designated play area. The space under the stairs is the perfect example of a place where toys can be stored out of the way and a cute little desk or table installed. If you don’t have a suitable space, commandeer a corner of a room and create a partition using bookcases or other large pieces of furniture to hide the toy boxes.

Garden Play Space

If you have a garden or outdoor space, there is plenty of scope for creating a child’s playroom. Large wooden sheds or outdoor buildings make great play rooms for kids. They can be decorated, painted and transformed into princess castles, Wild West forts or even spaceships. Any outdoor building will do if you need a play space, but for inspiration, visit

Attic Playrooms

Attics are often under-utilised spaces in a house, but if the roof is in good condition and there is plenty of insulation up there, it won’t be too expensive to convert your attic into a play space for older children. Drop down ladders can be installed without too much effort by anyone with good DIY skills. Theattic will need boarding and you might want to fit a window, but other than that it is good to go. Different spaces work for different children, so if you have more than one option available, consider the ages of your kids and how much money you can afford to spend on the conversion.

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