How to De-Clutter Your Home

Getting to a clutter-free home, especially for those who have packrat tendencies, can feel like an overwhelming task. It’s not as impossible as it may seem, however, if you stick to the following simple steps.

1.       Tackle the Clutter


Identify the themes that run through your excess belongings – it’s easier to eliminate things once you have a clear picture of what to hone in on. Look at key areas and make decisions on each thing as you go.

2.       One Area at a Time

Instead of feeling daunted by the vastness of the project, focus on a small area to start with, such as the kitchen pantry.

3.       Fight Packrat-itis

Develop a strategy for dealing with belongings that have sentimental value, by enlisting a friend to help, for example. Ask yourself questions about what to keep/toss and be honest in your assessments about what’s of value and what’s just taking up space.

4.       Organize Your KEEP Items

Create a designated area for belongings you are holding onto. Make storage space and buy any necessary organizers (The ContainerStore has some great options).

Make a Plan for 1.       Moving Forward

Have an agenda for the best way to keep a clutter-free living space in the future. These tasks might include cleaning as you go, getting rid of things when you bring new things in, and doing a 15-minute clutter clearing stint if you see a problem beginning.

Cutting Down The Clutter
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