Numerology: Insights Behind the Letters and Digits

What is the meaning of life?  More personal, what is each individual’s role?  These are integral questions addressed by religion and science as well as numerology.  Whether passing interest or a reliable source of life decisions, numerology, and the associated insights offered by letters and digits, attract many followers and practitioners.

A Study of Numbers

Simply put, numerology uses numbers as mirrors to underlying intentions and vibrations of the spiritual and actual world.  One’s associated numbers (those related to one’s birthday) can lead to insight about character, purpose, motivation, and talent.  Expert readers help listeners assess when to move, change jobs, get married, and have children.  For some, numerology is a distant interest, but others make it a way of life.

A Calculation of Character

Numbers one through nine, as well as eleven and twenty-two (‘master’ numbers) are recognized by readers.  Each number represents individual characteristics and implications.  The master numbers are the only exceptions, which represent intensified versions of their respective summations (2 and 4).  Most beginners assessing the numerical equivalents of their date of birth as well as the numeric evaluation of their birth name.

A Path to Insight

Some host unwavering devotion for numerology while others engage for entertainment or immediate interest.  Regardless of speculation as an exact science, numerology does have a clear method.  Each letter of the alphabet is paired with a number.  Calculating names, dates, and events help some understand the present and act in the future.  While gazing in a crystal ball inspires speculation, it’s much easier to understand how a numerologist comes to a conclusion.

Measuring Energy

The word, love, is equivalent to the number 9, which represents generosity and self-sacrifice – two traits associated to our definition of love.  12, 15, 22, and 5 is equivalent to the four letters in ‘love.’  Breaking the numbers down further, ‘l’ becomes 1+2 (3).  Adding each number’s summation equals 18, which then becomes a 1 and 8, 0r 9.
Numerologists believe life is not a random chain of events, but the universe offers order, and people and events are prescribed and described based on the vibrations and order of the universe.

A Hard Science or Hard to Believe?

Numerology’s origin is well associated to Pythagoras and his followers, who determined theorems about numbers and spatial planes.  Pythagoras and followers also believed numbers held mystical properties.  Proving the Pythagorean Theorem is easier than convincing people that numbers behold special powers though.  Is numerology a convenient way to make sense of the unexpected, or do numbers really comprise the genetic code of the universe?  Psychic readings and other forms of spiritual exploration help beginners gain more experience to prepare for added learning.

Start Small

Start small, and find the numeric equivalent of your birth name.  Next, calculate the numbers associated to your birth date.  Do the numbers reflect who you are or choices made?  If so, other esoteric interests, such as tarot cards, may interest you.  Furthermore, search online for occult vendors and personalities who offer books, literature, and additional resources.  Procure knowledge and resources with added interest in numerology.

Karla Jones is a yoga instructor that enjoys researching psychic phenomenon. Over the years she has found her greatest influences to be numerology and tarot readings. She enjoys finding new ways to incorporate her insights into everyday things, which she often blogs about.


  1. D Johnson
    September 22, 2015 / 5:38 pm

    I have always found Numerology to be very interesting. I can't wait to research this further.

  2. Janet W.
    September 27, 2015 / 9:56 am

    I'll have to start small and figure out the numeric equivalent of my birth name and birth date. I'll have to see what it says about me.

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