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In my house, we have our kids along with our fur babies. We have found that with our fur babies, they too can be very different, just as our kids are from one another, and with our cat, well she definitely stands out from the dogs when it comes to our fur babies. In fact, when it comes to our cat Nala, she finds herself above the rest in her own little way, by being more independent and having her own little attitude, along with her likes and dislikes. So it is no surprise, that when it comes to her food, she is very particular about what she is given to eat.

Now I have had many cats throughout my life, but when it comes to my husband, he had not really had any connection to a cat until he met Nala. He and Nala have this special bond since she was a little kitten, one where they understand one another, where Nala knows she can go to him and “meow” knowing he will know right away that she needs her food or needs to be pet. She also knows that when it comes to the foods and even treats that my husband will give her, it will be exactly what she wants and likes. So when we were told about the new Savor Shredded Blend for cats from Purina Pro Plan, we were excited to share it with our Nala!

With the new Purina Pro Plan we get a dry cat food that is unlike any other selection we have come across. It is different because they are introducing the Savor Shredded Blend, which brings in a whole new mealtime experience for cats that combines both the crunchy kibble and the tender meaty shreds that our Nala loves, to provide both extraordinary nutrition and exceptional taste. Making the Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend, a new favorite in our house when it comes to our cat Nala!

And right now to celebrate the release of this amazing new cat food, the wonderful people from Purina Pro Plan are hosting a contest to help change the way people think about those who love cats! Purina Pro Plan is partnering with proud cat guy and actor Gilles Marini, to search for extraordinary men who own and love cats. To enter, nominate the cat guy in your life or even yourself if you are an extraordinary cat guy, by sharing a photo of the cat guy in your life or yourself and your cat on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #MenAndCatsContest and tagging @ProPlanCat between now and September 14. The men who enter could be featured in the 2016 Purina Pro Plan Extraordinary Men and Cats Calendar and also win a year’s supply of Savor Shredded Blend. The calendars will be used to raise funds for rescue groups nationwide through the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue network. You can find out more about this contest by going here: www.proplan.com/cats/cat-care/calling-all-men-with-cats/

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