Bank on Your Child's Future with LifebankUSA

When we are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, there is a lot to take into consideration for the future of our babies. As parents, it is our job to lookout for their futures and try to make the right decisions now that will prove to be beneficial later on. We do this by opening those accounts for their futures, putting money in them each month so we can be better prepared for college when the day comes. We also prepare by eating healthy, drinking plenty of water while we are pregnant, and by looking into other things that can be beneficial to our babies futures by looking into our options when it comes to cord blood banking and placenta blood banking. For me, I find that when it comes to getting the answers I might have along with finding where to go when it comes to cord blood baking and placenta blood banking, I like knowing that I can turn to LifebankUSA.

As we consider whether or not we will go with cord blood banking and placenta blood banking, we have to take into consideration that the choice is one you can only make once, and you also only have so long to make that choice as well. Because the fact is, cord blood banking and placenta blood banking are both a once in your child’s lifetime choice that only you as the parent can make, and they are also choices that can give your child something that has lifesaving potential.

Collecting the stem cells with both cord blood banking and placenta blood banking are safe procedures. And when you choose to bank placenta blood in addition to cord blood with LifebankUSA preserve 60-70% more CD34+ stem cells, which are said to be the most important for rebuilding diseased blood with healthy blood!

As a parent, I like that I can turn to the LifebankUSA site, and find the information I am seeking when it comes to the questions I might have. I also like knowing that if I want to give the gift of cord blood and or placenta blood to someone who is expecting a baby and who would like to bank their babies cord and or placenta blood, I can purchase the gifts from LifebankUSA. Which allows me to give the once in a lifetime gift to those I care about.

Then aside from the information I can find on the LifebankUSA site, I can also get the information I need on Advanced Biobanking. Which is the next advancement when it comes to what LifebankUSA can do, and which also helps to give me even more information and options when it comes to making those important choices that only come once in the lives of our children! 

So if you or someone you know are expecting, be sure to head on over to LifebankUSA and get the answers you might have when it comes to banking on your children’s future with placenta blood banking, cord blood banking and more! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LifebankUSA.

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  1. Julie Wood
    October 25, 2015 / 11:53 am

    This sounds like a very good thing to do by banking cord blood and the placenta blood for stem cells would be so helpful for finding cures for diseases. I wish I would have done this.

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