How To Pick Eyeglasses For Your Kids

Parenthood is difficult enough already, but when it turns out your kid might need glasses, you end up with a whole set of new challenges. It is, of course, better for your kid to see properly than to skip glasses, but getting used to glasses can be a huge adjustment for a kid who has never had to wear them before. Kids may be sensitive to teasing or bullying based on the glasses, or they might not really register how to properly maintain their glasses. Wearing the right glasses can help protect your childagainst a wide variety of vision issues, including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and anisometropia.

Talk To Your Child About The Importance Of Eyeglasses

Communication is key – if your child does not understand the importance of wearing and maintaining their eyeglasses, then you will be spending a lot of money replacing them. Speak to them gently and age-appropriately about the necessity of wearing glasses, taking care not to lose them, and cleaning them properly so that they can see what everybody else around them does. Help them to take care of their glasses by giving them a cleaning kit to take care of their glasses and a sturdy glass case to prevent breakage. Also, make sure to purchase a backup pair. Stores like Zenni Optical make it easy and affordable to obtain multiple pairs with a prescription.

Make Sure The Glasses Fit Properly

As kids grow, their face shapes, nose bridges, and heads will change in size, which makes it more than a little difficult to find frames that will fit properly. When ordering eyeglasses for kids, make sure that the frame will fit your child’s nose in a way that will not allow sliding off. Confirm that the frames are not too big in anticipation of your child “growing” into the frames. Eyeglasses are not like clothes and cannot be grown into. The frames should fit perfectly, with no sliding.

Invest in Durable Material

Children are rough on everything, including eyeglasses. In order to lessen the chances of broken lenses, look into polycarbonate lenses, which are shatter-proof. Plastic frames are also more desirable for younger children, as they are lighter weight, and less fragile than frames made from other materials.

Don’t Forget Prescription Sunglasses

In addition to everyday eyeglasses, purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses for your kid. Prescription sunglasses can help protect your child’s eyes from harsh UV rays, and make it easier to see on bright, sunny days. If you don’t want to purchase a separate pair, you could always look into getting your child’s glasses tinted for sunglass wear. Sunglasses can be found cheaply at a variety of outlets.

Let Your Kids Pick The Frames They Want

Your child will be the one wearing and living with the eyeglasses every day, so let them have the fun of picking out the style of frames they want. Luckily, frames come in a wide variety of styles these days, and you can find something to fit any style, whether it’s serious, playful, bold, or understated.

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  1. Janet W.
    October 3, 2015 / 10:27 am

    These are great tips! Durability is definitely important!

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