Make The Go a Bit Easier with Charmin Ultra Strong

In my house, we have a large family, and with that there is a lot of “the go” when it comes to the bathroom. We have times where we might get back from a game, and everyone will make a bee line for the bathroom, leaving a line of us waiting as patiently as we can for our turn, and also making the go something that has to be done quickly so the next person can go as well. So with that in mind, as a mom I want to ensure that when my family has to go, especially when we all get home and have to go at the same time, we have toilet tissue that is strong, yet soft on our bottoms. And recently we were introduced to such a toilet tissue when we were sent some Charmin Ultra Strong!

With the Charmin Ultra Strong, my toddler pointed out that it does not tear when he wipes his tush, and after wiping his bottom gets clean and does not feel sore from any wiping after like he might get with a regular bathroom tissue. This feeling is mutual for our 7 year old as well, who says that when he gets home from a game, he usually has to go bad, and tries to hurry and clean his tush quickly so others can use the restroom as well. He finds that his bottom gets clean, and when he uses the Charmin Ultra Strong, he not only feels clean after going, but his underpants are clean as well, giving him a bit more confidence.

For me, I like the washcloth like texture, which has proven to help give my family a better clean on our undersides. I also like that when it comes to comparing the Charmin Ultra Strong to other bathroom tissues, there is no comparison as my kids have pointed out. The tissue is softer to the touch and feel when used to clean bottoms, it is stronger and does not fall apart when they use it, and I like those features along with the fact that my kids are not using as much tissue as they might use with other brands. Making the Charmin Ultra Strong not only a good choice when it comes to cleaning bottoms after we go to the bathroom, but also a great tissue when it comes to saving money since we are not going through it like we have done with other toilet tissue brands in the past!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Charmin, I was sent product to facilitate this review as well. Thank you to the PR and Charmin for sponsoring this post.

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