Nutrexin Alum-Free Deodorant

Like so many out there, when it comes to putting on deodorant, my husband has developed a sensitivity. It started with a rash, and he noticed that when he would go to apply deodorant he would find that it would burn. When we went to the doctor to address the issue, the doctor suggested we switch from your average deodorant to one that is Alum-Free and fragrance free. So when we were sent some of the Nutrexin Alum-Free Deodorant along with some of the other products from the line of Nutrexin products, I was excited to share them with my husband.

The Nutrexin Alum-Free deodorant does not contain aluminum, fragrances, preservatives, or any artificial colors. I can appreciate that this deodorant is safe for all skin types, it dries on the skin quickly, and unlike other deodorants that are out there, it does not leave a white residue. I also like that this deodorant uses natural ingredients to provide protection against bacteria and smells with Sage, Witch Hazel, and other plant extracts!

Then when it comes to the other products you can find from Nutrexin, I like that I can find products that can help me with detoxifying my body and also helping me to feel better when it comes to my health! In all, making the Nutrexin Alum-Free Deodorant along with other products from the Nutrexin line a great selection to choose from when it comes to improving your health! Also be sure to use code MOMS1015 for 20% off!

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  1. Janet W.
    October 11, 2015 / 9:10 am

    My husband and I are both very sensitive when it comes to products and always look for fragrance free. Would like to try this!

  2. Julie Wood
    October 12, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    I like that this product is free of aluminum. It is not healthy to put on deodorant to keep feeling clean and then put a chemical on me. I would love to try this product!

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