On Purpose

One of the best lessons I learned from martial arts and yoga is how we physiologically respond to stimuli in our life, especially stress. Our flight or fight response can change our breathing pattern and set a tone for the rest of our day. Much of our breath during flight is in the upper chest and restricts oxygen flow. The best way to adjust your breathing is to push air to your diaphragm and breathe on purpose from your abdomen. Regulating your breath can help increase your brain function to make sound decisions and reduce stress. It is has the added benefits of massaging your internal organs and kickstarting your metabolism. Since breathing is part of the autonomic nervous system it’s easy to forget to consciously breathe with intention.

This concept of acting with purpose can be applied to many other parts of our lives: How we choose our partners and the efforts we make for each other, or dedicating uninterrupted time to spend with our family. We can choose to have a proactive life, and the little things (but vital) like breathing can act as a reminding catalyst to live with meaningfulness and sincerity. The same can be true of our professional relationships and the businesses we support. When I started Circa Yoga the goal was to create something that is eco-friendly, healthy, beautiful, and supports non-profits and foundations that held the same beliefs as I did. If you look at the project and feel that is resonates with your own values please help this Kickstarter come to life (on purpose:)

Remember to breathe deeply,


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