Why Pizza and Family go Together like Pepperoni and Mushroom

A family ritual—no matter how stressful or busy the day may have been—has a unique way to put a smile on our face.

When the kids come home and the sun fades away and everyone’s tummy begins to rumble, what’s more fun than picking up the phone to call for a pizza delivery? This great American family tradition has been a part us since the early 60s, and is still going strong today. Although the birth of the 21-century has changed the pizza delivery industry just a tad though innovations like Paypal pizza, the nostalgia of family love, cheesy, tomato and crusty goodness remains the same.

Whether you flip on the tube, crack open a bottle of wine, plug in the music or get in your pajamas, what doesn’t change is that this (on the surface) minimal family routine has a big impact on us.

May be yours is on Friday or Football Sunday, may be it’s the Fourth of July or every Tuesday—whenever it is—a family never forgets when to anticipate that knock on the door of the deliveryman.

The significance of a family tradition

It isn’t costly or complicated, it requires virtually no planning and never fails to disappoint—pizza is just one of the few thing the whole family can agree on and always look forward to. But why is it important? Why do flour, water, salt, a little sugar and a splash of soy oil with some cheese and corn syrup have such a profound influence within our family’s livelihood?

Well for one thing, kids certainly love the taste. But kids also love the comfort and happiness that comes with a family tradition. Not to mention, kids also thrive on consistency and harmony, and a routine pizza-day only adds to their cheesy adornment of family bond.

However, what you may have not considered is that a family tradition is one the first memories a kid can have. Childhood memories are profound and emotionally charged. If you go back into your childhood, there is strong possibility that family and pizza is somewhere computed in your personal database of memories.

So, who says you need to spend all day in the kitchen cooking up an expensive storm of culinary craftsmanship? A simple ask of the question “who’s hungry for pizza,” is enough to send the whole family into a pepperoni and pineapple bliss that they’ll never soon forget.  

How to plan your family’s pizza tradition

  •     Make it a regular event: It will make simple a more memorable experience.
  •     Make it an electronic free zone: If there is one thing you probably don’t remember as a child it’s using an Ipad or Smartphone. Tell you kids (and yourself) to leave the electronics behind and focus on being together.
  •     Combine it with something: May be it’s a scary movie or slapstick comedy. May be it’s followed by a game of charades or hide and go seek. Whatever it is, you can make it more memorable than just the having the pie.
  •     Include everyone: If one your kid’s or other family members is busy or is not going to be able to attend, postpone it. A family tradition should be as such.

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