Bob the Builder Back on PBS

Like so many Bob the Builder fans out there, when my boys heard that Bob the Builder was coming back on PBS, they were ecstatic! The show returned on Nov 7th and has made it back to our list of favorite shows to tune in and watch on PBS. And to help with sharing that excitement with our kids and their friends, we were given some fun coloring sheets that feature those Bob the Builder characters along with some Kinetic Sand, MEGA Bloks and a hat, so the kids could celebrate and watch the new shows while building some of their own projects!

We loved being able to tune in and not only getting a sneak peek of some of the shows on the YouTube channel but also watching when it aired on PBS. We also found that with the new CGI that has been done, it really gave the show a great new look! Making Bob the Builder on PBS a must watch on Saturday mornings! You can tune in as well by checking your local PBS listings!

Product received, thank you to PBS as well as the PR for supplying me with a product for this review, all opinions are my own.

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